Years ago I graduated college with an idea that I needed a "big girl" bag to start my corporate journey. As and avid thrifter, purchasing said bag would have to be from the luxury resale market. During that time there were websites popping up overnight like The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective, Shop- Hers, and the list goes on. Offline there were a few stores in my town at the time Orlando, FL that sold pre-loved designer bags. After careful consideration for what to invest in, time after time Chanel was a big YES on every blog that I scoured for advice (Thanks for PurseBlog forum)

Specifically a classic Chanel 2.55 bag in black ;)

20 websites later, I realized there was no central place to find great advice when it comes to choosing the right stores that sold authentic goods with great customer service. Out of that, The Posh Net was born. Now that I live in New York there are more stores to choose from and it's even expanded my Rolodex on stores across the United States.

All in all, the mission of TPN is to create a community based on a love for sustainable luxury while paying an homage to the designers by extending the lifecycle of the merchandise. Ultimately, we all can make a positive impact on the environment in luxury fashion too.