Designer Revival is an Upper East Side oasis for women who frequent the store. In the 4000 sq ft space at every corner you can witness a variety of- women with new careers, traveling in the city for work, the downtown crowd, and loyal Upper Eastsiders that have grown with the store for 25 years now.


How have you created a community in your business?


We have events once a month with Sisley Pari mini makeovers, with stylist making in-demand wardrobe consultation. We have a holiday event slated for December so be sure to sign up for our newsletter for those details. In the past we've partnered to Sisley Paris for a mini spa experience. Other events include hosting a benefit in-store for the Happy Hearts Foundation.  We are focusing more on community outreach in 2018. We plan to connect with local salons, restaurants, bars and hosting various pop-ups and Girl’s Night Out events.


Top 3 items that sell well?

Bags, scarves, and accessories


What does your core customer look like?

 A savvy customer who likes the treasure hunt and finding the deal that's a steal, savvy and in for what we call "the glamorous treasure hunt." The mature crowd enjoys 80s Brunello Cuccini and Hermes, while the youthful crowd enjoys Theory or Chanel. We are a destination and a lot of shoppers will spend a lot of time in the store meandering through the rooms.

Do you offer same day delivery? 

Yes with Uber RUSH.

What are some changes in Industry that weren't there when you started?

When I started there wasn't as much saturation in the industry especially with how click-and-mortar is becoming prevalent to the point that some online players are opening brick-and-mortar stores since people still like the human touch when selling their items." Women who visit the store have a synonymous visit to regulars at hair salons, they just know you so well and what exactly what you like.. You feel like you're in good hands when they guide you through the consignment process, get to know your style, and remember the important events in your life.  It's a place that women can know as much about each other when they're regulars at a hair salon. Designer Revival exemplifies the level of service in the secondary market as Nordstrom, an organization known for it's dedication to human contact and a laser focus on customer service.

Competition is fierce so what's your point of difference?

Our ability to clientele has been a differentiator for a multitude of reasons but our clients can always count on us for authentic pieces, high quality, and a hair salon like experience where we get to know each other.

Most coveted pieces you've love selling?

If you loved Tom Ford when he was with Gucci it's iconic and you can't find it anywhere else

The biggest seller in Fall?

Leather jackets and fur vest. 

  Blue Duck  Teal & Black Fox Fur Vest; $385.00

Blue Duck Teal & Black Fox Fur Vest; $385.00

  Fausto Puglisli  Black Studded Leather Jacket $1,295.00

Fausto Puglisli Black Studded Leather Jacket $1,295.00

Top 3 brands that sell for luxury? For contemporary?

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, extended items Dior and Celine. Theory and Isabel Marant 

What are great essentials for any woman to have?

I believe a Chanel jacket, versatile leather jacket, and jeans (FRAME, Paige). For accessories, a good everyday bag tote or satchel to use at work but you can still take out in the evening like a Celine or Chanel tote.

  Chanel  Multicolor Boucle Jacket; $2,995.00

Chanel Multicolor Boucle Jacket; $2,995.00

  Celine  Black Smooth Calfskin Luggage Bag; $2,795.00

Celine Black Smooth Calfskin Luggage Bag; $2,795.00

Top 5 style icons? 

J. Lo, Victoria Beckham, Chloe sevigney, Jackie Kennedy and Stevie NIcks 

 Tom Ford for Gucci Fall 2003 Fox Fur

Tom Ford for Gucci Fall 2003 Fox Fur

What was the first piece you sold?

Leather and fur coat from when Tom Ford was at Gucci and it was purchased from a woman visiting from LA who had incredible style

NYC vs LA shoppers?

LA shoppers are more interested in leather jacket and casual pieces while looking cool and comfortable jeans light jacket and fur (hard to find there), NYC shoppers have distinct style that's edgier and favors designers like Alexander Wang 


Sushi Seki and Casa la femme

What celebrity spottings have you had in your store?

Ashley Olson, Cathrine Zeta-Jones, and some cool designers looking for creative inspiration from our decor.



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