(Seth Weisser on the left, Gerard Maione on the right)

(Seth Weisser on the left, Gerard Maione on the right)

1. How did you get started?

Gerard Maione: We both attended Syracuse University and moved to the city with mutual friends. We were kind of taking over the nightlife during our younger years and were both interested in fashion. I was working at Ralph Lauren getting into design.

Seth and I were out there, with our small salaries, extracting vintage throughout the city just to be resourceful. We couldn't buy the special pieces that we coveted. After shopping through all these vintage shops, we realized there was no merchandising. Seeing these great wardrobes out in the nightlife scene and me being at Ralph Lauren and having a breadth of all that customer service and beautiful editing we were like, "there's nothing out there right now that has a point of view in vintage!" Long story short, we decided to take the plunge and look for real estate and open a store that had a curated, edited vision of what vintage was.

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2. Have you seen any major shifts in the vintage industry throughout the years? If so, what are they?

Gerard Maione: We've been through a lot of evolution in terms of the pieces we've been buying. Over the 20 years, we've gone everywhere you can go. We've road-tripped pretty much everywhere in this country at some point— and Europe and Asia— really trying to find unique and amazing things that other people don't have. Part of the allure of our business is that we have a museum-like collection that we have hunted and continue to hunt to depths that most people don't know exist to get to.

Seth Weisser: We've consistently challenged ourselves to say "What's the next thing? What's the new thing?" Instead of saying, "Ok, these are the things that we carry." We don't follow where trends are going. We've created a lot of the trends.

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3. What's your customers look like now vs. when you started?

Seth Weisser: I think it's an interesting time because it's become really about brand and determining the consumer’s wants before they do. We started as just the key curated vintage collectors out there, but now we are also the home front of luxury around the world. We've converted a whole new customer: we're now linking with shop in shops with stores in Dubai, Hong Kong and London. In our continued efforts to extend the luxury vintage lifecycle and honor heritage brands we recently introduced our new Buy-Back program! Unlike many other resale retailers, we buy your items outright.

Gerard Maione: We've been doing it with our brick and mortar shops, and now we're expanding on the web. The good news is that with the experience and our name behind it from an authenticity standpoint, we are the ones people know they can rely on.

4. For first-time vintage shoppers looking for a good starter piece: what
would you recommend to them that would only appreciate in value?

Gerard Maione: Since our clothing is so rare and unique, try to find something that speaks to your sense of style. Something that will be a timeless statement piece in your personal collection. As for our luxury accessories, start with classic styles from Chanel, Louis Vuitton and if you can, Hermès. Chanel’s 2.55 quilted flap bag is a luxury staple for any fashion enthusiast. And the LV keepall is the perfect companion for your travels; it’s sturdy, reliable and fashionable all at once. If you’re going to start with Hermès, start it off right with a 30cm black Birkin.

On the What Goes Around Comes Around Website now:



Black Caviar Classic Double Flap Medium




Monogram Canvas Keepall 45




Black Ardennes Birkin 30CM


5. Top 3 brands you carry?

The most coveted brands we carry are Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

6. NYC vs. LA customers: what's the difference?

Gerard Maione: Our NYC clientele is chic and trend-driven. Our LA clientele is
primarily high-profile, so they prefer pieces that are extremely rare and unique.

A night we'll never forget. Happy Anniversary Beverly Hills flagship! #WGACA

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